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So much of the information we use to make health decisions come in the form of small, disconnected ‘sound bites’. Welcome to Living Wellness University, an interactive, multi-media medical community dedicated to helping you cut through the volumes of contradictory medical information. Now you can finally understand medicine at a much deeper level. So join us and start living a healthier, disease-free life!

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Developing the Doctor in You!

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Through her nationally-known, step-by-step, interactive lecture series Dr. Saxena Speaks, you’ll learn the latest Integrative and Functional Medicine approaches to solving your specific medical issues for which conventional medicine doesn’t always have a good answer.
This proven education is enhanced by the Healthy Gourmand nutritionally-minded cooking classes and Body & Mind Defined fitness/yoga classes all to help you heal from the inside out – and it’s all online, interactive and when you want it!

Enjoy our featured Dr. Saxena Speaks! full-length video lecture, "Functional Medicine at the Crossroads in Care".

Learn Medication-
Free Approaches to Treating Disease

"It's like having a doctor's office, yoga studio, cooking school, fitness coach, weight loss clinic and nutritionist all in one place with information that interests you, exactly when you want it!"

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